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Support TCA's Commitment to Excellence in Christ-Centered Education

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Support TCA's Commitment to Excellence in Christ-Centered Education

In 2018, God provided the funds and personnel for Children With Hope to open Tobiah Christian Academy. From the beginning, TCA has been established to stand apart from other schools in Kenya. It's affordable and accountable, focuses on future preparation in areas like English education and technological literacy, and maintains an incredible staff of passionate teachers.

The school is not only an opportunity for us to secure a high-quality education for our own kids; it provides an education option for many other children, employment for local Kenyans, and a platform for outreach to other schools in the area. What’s more important, Tobiah Christian Academy provides an education in an environment where kids, regardless of background, are consistently reminded of and encouraged in their unique value, God-given purpose, and endless potential as children of God and disciples of Christ.

The mission of Tobiah Christian Academy has always been to provide an environment that is not only academically sound but spiritually vibrant, and to supply our students with the resources and the passion to become instruments of change for Christ in Kenyan society.

Tobiah Christian Academy is not a self-sustaining school, which means that the tuition we charge each student does not fully cover our operating expenses. TCA relies on donations in order to maintain the property, purchase needed books and supplies, pay ancillary staff, and train our teachers.

Donating specifically to the operating expenses of Tobiah Christian Academy supports a commitment to excellence in Christ-centered education.

Giving to TCA is a unique opportunity to invest in both the present economy of Eldoret and the future of local children!

For more information on Tobiah Christian Academy, contact office@childrenwithhope.org, or visit our website at childrenwithhope/thetcapage.fillinlink.