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Rescuing Children... Raising a Nation

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Start Your Child Sponsorship Today

The most personal and relational way that you can support Children With Hope’s ministry is by becoming a Child Sponsor.

The Child Sponsorship is a commitment to a regular donation which supports the living expenses of one specific child - your donation covers the TOTAL of all funds needed to run the Children’s Home per child. The comprehensive cost includes food, clothing, medical expenses, and more.

At Children With Hope, it is our desire to not only make sure that our children are financially cared for, but to foster lasting connections with spiritual significance. For that reason, a Child Sponsorship at Children With Hope is far more than a monthly check. We connect each of our sponsors with a specific child, giving you a face and a name to pray for. You’ll receive two letters a year from your child and we’ll mail you up-to-date photographs so you can add your child to your wall or refrigerator. Of course, you are always welcome to write notes and mail pictures back to Kenya – it’s a great way for our kids to practice English and feel connected to the global church. We want you to know that the children deeply value their sponsors and constantly pray for them by name.

Based on the current cost of living in Kenya, supporting one child for an entire month costs an estimated $200.

If that total sponsorship cost is not realistic for you or your family, we’d still love to get you involved in our sponsorship program through a split sponsorship – many of our children have two or more sponsors who share the cost of their monthly expenses!

IMPORTANT: As you fill out this form, you will be invited to select a specific child to direct your sponsorship towards. Before choosing a child, PLEASE consult our website or contact our office to make sure that you're selecting a child who is currently not sponsored or not fully sponsored.