Donate towards the secondary (and University!) education of CWH kids! image

Donate towards the secondary (and University!) education of CWH kids!

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Our own Tobiah Christian Academy is a primary school, which means 8 years of education that loosely translate to US Kindergarten through 7th grade. Secondary school, however, is also crucial to a Kenyan child’s future, and while we don’t offer secondary grades at TCA, we do intend for all of the Tumaini Children’s Home kids to have the opportunity to enroll in secondary school and earn a diploma.

These Education Funds, specific to each individual child, provide a budget for secondary school tuition, books, and fees, as well as an allowance to help them get started at a university or trade school if they so desire!

Our goal is to raise approximately $14,000 per child, which would cover 4-5 years of high school at $1900/yr (to include tuition, uniforms, textbooks, and boarding if needed), and 4 years of university, college, or tech school at only $1000/yr (as orphans, our students will qualify for substantial government grants and loans in university, which makes higher education extremely affordable). For a more detailed breakdown of the projected annual cost of education, or for more details on Kenya's education system, please contact